The House

The House is a 4-bedroom 2-bath 1978 ranch style house. According to the deed, we're the fourth owners. It'd be awfully cramped, except a previous owner put on a huge den off the kitchen - it's huge and spacious now. It's stick built, with a (relatively) airy and spacious crawlspace. It's suffered through several renovations of varying levels of skill. An example: My kitchen is carpeted.

We live in Reno, Nevada - that affects a lot of the house elements and my remodeling choices. For heating, we've got a propane furnace (that we try not to turn on) and two woodstoves. There's no air conditioner, which still blows my Memphian mind. Instead, there's a swamp cooler which works surprisingly well. Reno is very arid - but the swamp cooler put a lot of moisture in the air in the summers.

We're on a well and the plumbing goes to our septic system. I'm planning on putting in drip irrigation at some point. The house had a water softener, but it's given up the ghost. Our water's pretty hard, but it tastes delicious - if we run into problems with calcium in the lines, I'll put in a water softener again, but I'm not planning on it.