Thursday, June 30, 2011


I planted some vinca in a weird little part-shade area beside the house. It's the east side, shaded in early morning by the property fence and in the afternoon by the house itself.

I ripped out all the weeds

Dug out the sandy soil about 4" deep

Amended it with my half-done compost and shoveled the sandy soil back on top

Laid a dripline and spaced the plants right on the drip holes

And mulched with waste hay.

I think they'll be happy there. They don't grow very tall, but they spread nicely (at least the non-variegated ones do - that's why I bought more of them.) The dripline and the low plants means I won't be watering the side of the house and causing problems down the line. They never need mowing or pruning - all they want is shade and some water.

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  1. Aha! That just might be the thing for a 3' weed bed between my carport and fence, perpetually shady. Thanks!