Saturday, January 15, 2011


After a really frustrating morning googling for 70s fieldstone walls that don't look hideous, I think we're leaning towards yellow.

I cropped the right side of the room because the enormous blue recliner stands out so much it's hard to judge the other room elements. The curtains are chocolate and off-white - if the yellow doesn't clash with them, they will be a great accent for the giant stone wall.

I need to pick up a lot of light and medium yellow swatches and try them out.

The enormous blue recliner will either live in a spare room or make its debut on craigslist.

Any suggestions?


  1. i wish we could take your recliner. recliners are very very rare here - i've only seen one since i've lived here. recliners are so american. i love them so, especially the ones that have swedish massage built in. i sat a very long time at costco letting one massage me. it was only 700 bucks! if only i could get it here! and it reclined!!

    i guess i'll keep dreaming...

  2. This recliner used to massage, but Banders took offense to the cords and ate them. SIGH. It's really comfortable, but we don't tend to decorate in blue so it kinda sticks out no matter where we put it.

  3. What about pulling the chocolate from your curtains for the wainscoting, and the off-white, or a "latte" color for the rest of the walls?
    My daughter's kitchen when they bought their house was a bright yellow/gold--but the glare was softened a bit with a "venetian plaster" faux texture. After 6 years or so, they opted to tone it done to a mellow [pale] sunflower yellow.
    If you were going to go all out, I'd sure think about taking all or most of that rock off the wall--It just makes that end wall seem taller, and the room seem narrower. Creating a horizontal line would widen the room (and 12X20 IS long and narrow). I realize that the demo would be the least of the work! Having to repair or replace the underlying drywall would be some work--If you went that far, you might as well pull out the wainscoting and redo that wall too! Don't I just have so many fun projects for you? =D

    wv = agrackle = the new wall treatment for funder's front room

  4. I think the bead board creates a horizontal stripe that just makes that room look even longer. Top it off with a dark blob at the end, and you look like you're in a tunnel with no light at the end. ;)

    I realize you said that you couldn't take off the bead board because the textures were different underneath, but I swear that texturing a wall isn't that hard. Do you have a texture gun? I think it if were me, I'd paint that wall a solid, neutral color (light brown with a yellow tint, maybe pick out the grout color in the stone?) and put several large pictures on it at different levels to break up the length. Heck, I might put in a recessed wall alcove or two (with accent lights) on that wall to put pics in - that would REALLY make that wall more interesting and stop your eye from going down the tunnel.

    At the end, something has to be done to break up that wall of field stone. I'm thinking a nice built-in bookcase, painted white, a white mantle, and something to cover up that funny black thing at the top of the fireplace (again, can't tell what it is but it seems very 70s!). You'll still be able to see that gorgeous field stone, but a book case would really break it up and make it look more interesting that Just. A. Wall.

    Whew. Now I need to go put a third coat of mud on the ceiling in my bathroom, speaking of drywall texture...

  5. Yall are annihilating the budget renovation, you realize? Jen - I'm not very good at drywall texturing, and I HATE IT. I hate having stupid stucco walls. I hate applying mud and trying to make it look random. I'd much prefer smooth walls, but that's a total rip-out and I am so not ready for that. Same with demolishing the stone and taking out the chimney somehow.

    A wall of bookcases completely concealing the rock might be in the cards one day, though. By the time we sell the house and the new owners realize there's a giant rock wall behind the bookcases, giant rock walls might be back in fashion!