Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jamb it all...

After I posted last night, I realized that yes, I did need to cut the door jambs. So I got up this morning, went to my hair appointment (I'm a lovely shade of blonde again), had lunch, dawdled home, checked my email and Facebook and craigslist like 15 times each, then woefully set to work.

I don't have a jamb saw. They're really one-trick ponies - they only cut jambs. They cut the hell out of jambs, but it's an expensive purchase for one home, even if it is The Home of Infinite Doors. My best friend back in Memphis has a jamb saw - I could find it in his toolbox blindfolded. Alas, he is 2000 miles away, so I made do.

I tried my trusty hacksaw, but it didn't work as well as I'd hoped, so I turned to the coping saw. It worked well enough, so I spent three freakin' hours cutting 18 door jambs. I got pretty disgusted a couple times and almost went to town for a Dremel, but I contained myself and got it done.

Now. Back to cutting oak.


  1. I never even heard of a jamb saw. Damn saw, yes. Jamb saw, no.

  2. Your floor looks great. Kind of a shame I'm splitting up so much red oak for firewood... but then, these logs have a lot of blemishes due to growing on a ridge.

    "woefully set to work" - heh, I can relate completely. That's why I'm sitting here instead of out there working. But, alas, I better get my butt in gear too.


  3. Your floor still looks better than the ceiling in my bathroom. Maybe we should take bets as to which one will be finished first? ;)